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Our Mission:


Washington State Cheesemakers Association works to support Washington cheese and cheesemakers through education, promotion, and collaboration amongst its members and partners.


Why we do what we do…

In the past decade, there has been substantial growth in the production of high quality cheeses in Washington State. Today, Washington cheesemakers offer an enormous variety and diversity. Over eighty licensed cheesemakers in the state are offering farmstead or off the farm, artisan or conventional, small batch or large batch, original or traditional style cheeses from cow, goat, and sheep's milk. There is certainly no shortage of choices.


Our Impact

Washington State Cheesemakers are making an impact in the United States and the world by winning top awards at National and World competitions. We have raised the bar to new heights in quality and consistency.



washington cheesemakers

In 2005 there were less than ten registered cheesemakers in Washington State. Now we can boast over eighty and growing, not just in numbers but in variety and diversity.



Years Serving communities

WASCA is a young organization but already making an impact in the communities around Washington State and that impact is expanding every day.



cheeses made right here

Washington State cheese selections are growing. This number represents cheeses from small family farms and artisan cheesemakers. Many of these cheeses are available only at Farmer’s Markets. We encourage everyone to seek out these wonderful treasures.


Our Programs

WASCA and its partners are teaming up to provide resources and opportunities to cheesemakers that are unavailable to individuals. Building strength and community in the industry benefits not only the cheesemakers but related industries, suppliers, and consumers. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.



Meet the cheesemaker events, festivals, and cheese tasting and pairing workshops give opportunities in building relationships and education for the community of enthusiasts and cheese lovers around the state.


Group buying discounts give the cheesemaker the ability to be more efficient and cost effective. This opens the door to more consumer opportunities. If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.


Running a cheesemaking business is hard enough without adding all the related demands of marketing and sales. Working as a team, we can promote cheese and give the public an opportunity to learn of cheeses that they would not otherwise learn about and be able to enjoy.

sponsorship opportunities

Our sponsors are investing in the industry now with a view to the future. Washington Cheese industry is growing at a phenomenal pace, sponsors and industry partners are aware of the potential and are forward thinkers and innovators.