Over the past decade, we have seen a substantial growth spurt in the production of cheeses in Washington State.  Today, the offerings from our cheesemakers offer enormous variety and diversity. With over 70 licensed cheesemakers in the state offering up farmstead, artisan, small batch, original and traditional style cheeses from cow, goat, and sheep's milk there is certainly no shortage of options!

To support our cheesemakers, and to promote continued growth and awareness of this industry, we have formed the Washington State Cheesemakers Association (WASCA).  We are a member-supported non-profit and membership is open to cheesemakers, industry professionals, and fellow cheese lovers everywhere. 

To learn more about membership benefits and to become a MEMBER please CLICK HERE.

The cheeses coming out of the the State's producers fall under a variety of categories, including: 

Farmstead - milk is produced on the same farm where the cheese is made

Artisan - small-batch cheeses - usually produced by hand - with particular attention paid to the technique. Milk can be sourced from surrounding dairy producers.

Specialty - cheeses produced in more limited production, with special attention paid to natural flavor and texture profiles

The State also boasts a number of larger-scale cheesemakers who create fantastic, consistent product that enjoys more widespread distribution and access. With this variety, there is definitely something for everyone!

WA cheeses have been winning awards around the world, and there is almost always something new for fellow cheese lovers to enjoy. Check out your local farmers markets, cheese counters, and grocery stores and ask for WA cheese!