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Jam & Cheese with Atrium Kitchen

When people know where their food and drinks come from, they are empowered to make more conscious consumer choices. In turn, this makes them happier, healthier and better guardians of the Earth. This means learning about:

  • The farms where the ingredients were grown.

  • The animals, plants, feeds and seeds involved.

  • The producers who bring those ingredients to the cheesemaker, chef, baker, brewer, barista or mixologist.

  • The processes that bring the finished product to your plate or glass.

Sharing the stories of the people and processes behind the things we eat and drink connects consumers and producers and builds community. Let us take you on an immersive, full-sensory journey where you can learn, ask questions, lend your voice — and, of course, taste incredible foods and beverages, right from the source.

We’ll walk you through our method for tasting, introduce you to our favorite pairings and set you free to create your own combinations. No stuffy classroom environment here; we make learning interactive, delicious and fun!

Many of our Experiences are held in Pike Place Market: the heart of Seattle's food culture, and our second home. Here, Owner Brian Gilbert also serves as Head Cheesemonger for Beecher's Handmade Cheese. And Pike Place Market products and venues are frequent subject matter for Creative Lead Holly Regan.